Remove a case from an individual user

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Cases and ADM’s cannot be removed by users. Only a law firm account administrator can remove a case or ADM from an individual user.

If you remove access from the Responsible Solicitor they will still receive CourtSA Notifications and be recorded as acting. If they want to cease acting they must lodge a Notice of Cessation of Acting.


  1. Log in to CourtSA
  2. Click "My Firm" in the top menu
  3. Click ‘Add/Remove Case Access’
  4. Enter the User’s name or email
  5. Click ‘Search’
  6. View the cases assigned to the user
  7. Tick the case/s that you want to remove
  8. In the ‘Update Associations’ drop down click ‘Delete the Case Associations’
  9. Click ‘Update’
  10. Click ‘Delete all’

After the case has been removed it will still be accessible by the law firm account administrator. You can re-grant the user and anyone else in your firm access as needed.