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Appealing or reviewing the decision of a Judicial Officer

Being involved in a matter can be a complex and costly process. You should seek legal advice before defending a civil claim. You can also speak to the other party to try and resolve the dispute.

The steps below provide general information about defending a civil matter. It does not cover all scenarios nor constitute legal advice.

An appeal is an action disputing a decision of a Judicial Officer including a Magistrate, Judges of a Court, Judges of the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, South Australian Employment Tribunal and Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal.

A review is an action disputing a decision of a judicial Officer, for example a Minor Civil Review.

A cross appeal or cross review can be lodged if you are a party to an appeal and you wish to institute an appeal against the same judgment or order.

A notice of alternative contention can be lodged if you agree with the original decision but believe it should have been based on other reasons.

The following sections provide information on how to lodge an appeal, review, cross appeal, cross review or notice of alternative contention.

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