Lodging other documents

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Other documents can be lodged using CourtSA


  1. Log in to CourtSA
  2. Go to "My Cases"
  3. Click "View Case" next to your case
  4. Click the blue "Actions" button and select "Lodge a Document" and "Other Document"
  5. When asked "What type of document are you lodging?" select your type of document

Other documents you can lodge:

  • Answers to Interrogatories
  • Answers to Notice of Complaint
  • Appeal Books
  • Application Book
  • Attempted Service Report
  • Case Book
  • Certificate by Shadow Expert
  • Certificate of Compliance with Rule 204A(3)
  • Certificate of readiness for Trial
  • Consent Order for Payment
  • Consent of Liquidator or Provisional Liquidator
  • Consent to Act as Designated Person
  • Consent to Discontinuance
  • Consolidated Pleading
  • Cost Estimate
  • Draft Judgment by Consent
  • Draft Minutes of Order/Judgment
  • Drivers Licence Report
  • Election
  • Election – Moratorium on Steps
  • Election Fast Track System
  • Enforceable Payment Agreement
  • Expert Reports
  • Further and better particulars
  • Index to Case Book
  • Information Sheet
  • Interlocutory Application – Corporation
  • Interrogatories
  • List of Authorities
  • List of Document Separate – Complex Electronic Protocol
  • List of Document Separate – Physical Disclosure Protocol
  • List of Document Separate – Simple Electronic Protocol
  • List of Document Consolidated – Physical Disclosure
  • List of Document Consolidated – Complex Electronic Protocol
  • List of Document Consolidated – Simple Electronic Protocol
  • List of Witnesses
  • Litigation Plan
  • Notice of Adoption Proceedings
  • Notice of Alternative Contentions
  • Notice of Appearance
  • Notice of Application for Leave to Distribute a Surplus
  • Notice of Application for Recognition of Foreign
  • Notice of Application for Application for Winding Up Order
  • Notice of Change of Address for Service
  • Notice of Dismissal or Withdrawal of Application
  • Notice of Intervention by ASIC
  • Notice of Making Order Under the Cross-Border Insolvency Act
  • Notice of Objection
  • Notice of Objection to Release Liquidator
  • Notice of Objection – Admission
  • Notice of Registration of Foreign Judgment
  • Notice of Registration New Zealand Judgment
  • Notice of Winding up Order and (or) Appointment of (Provisional) Liquidator
  • Notice of hearing to approve compromise or arrangement
  • Notice to Admit
  • Notice to Potential Claimant
  • Notice to Produce
  • Notification of Bankruptcy
  • Notification of Liquidation
  • Other Document
  • Outline of Argument
  • Particulars of Personal Injury
  • Pre-Action Document
  • Report as to Affairs
  • Request for Court Assistance
  • Response to Claim for Costs
  • Response to Notice to Admit
  • Response to Statement of Facts
  • Response to Statement of Facts Issues and Contentions
  • Response to Submissions
  • Schedule of costs of the Applicant for adjudication pursuant to the order of the Judge
  • Scott Schedule
  • Statement of Facts
  • Statement of Facts Issues and COntentions
  • Statutory Declaration
  • Summary of Argument
  • Tender Book
  • Trial Book
  • Trial Plan
  • Under Administration
  • Undertaking Filed
  • Written Submission