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You can invite a new user to your law firm account if they are not already registered in CourtSA

You must use the email linked to their P code if they have one. This is because CourtSA requires a P code to be entered into the system and all notifications from CourtSA go to the email associated with that P code.


  1. Log in to CourtSA
  2. Click "My Firm" in the top menu
  3. Select "Manage Users"
  4. Click the green "Add user" button
  5. Enter the invited user's organisational email. If they have a P code this email address needs to be the same email associated with that P code and registered with the Law Society
  6. Click the "Law firm" button in the User Roles panel
  7. Enter the details in the fields within the Personal Information panel
  8. Click "Create new account"
  9. A pop up notification will be displayed and an automated email sent to the invited member with instructions for logging in