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Law firm accounts

A law firm account has:

  • An account administrator
  • Users

Figure 1: Law firm account structure.

Account administrators

The account administrator is the person whose contact information is used to register for CourtSA. A law firm account can only have one account administrator.

Account administrators can:

  • Lodge documents
  • View and edit their own draft lodgements
  • Pay for their own lodgements
  • Only see receipts for lodgements they have performed
  • Invite and remove users from the firm account *
  • Grant and remove users access to cases the firm already has access to *
  • Edit the firm account details *
  • Assign a new account administrator *
  • Delete the firm account *

* Only the account adminstrator can perform this task.

Who should be the account administrator

As part of the registration process you will be asked to nominate an account administrator (also known as the responsible person).

This person will be responsible for administering the account. It is their responsibility to create an organisation account and invite other users to join.

The responsible person will generally be considered by the Court to be responsible for the actions of those users (including where the access is unauthorised).

Refer to the CourtSA terms and conditions for more information.

The account administrator must create the account administrator account using the email address associated with the firm's L code.

If the account administrator has a P code they can invite themselves to join the law firm account using the email address associated with their P code.

Law firm users

An account administrator can invite anyone to be a user of the firm account. See Invite a user for more information.

A law firm user can only see the cases they have lodged or have been given access to. They can't see all the firm's cases. See lodging for more information about accessing cases.

They can:

  • View the cases they have access to
  • Lodge documents
  • View and edit their own draft lodgements
  • View their own lodgements in their cart
  • Pay for their own lodgements
  • Only see receipts for lodgements they have performed
  • Edit their account details

A law firm user account can only belong to one law firm at a time.

Creating a law firm account

You will need to enter a valid email address that is linked to the L code or P code that is registered with the Law Society. This will ensure notifications are sent to that email. It is recommended the email associated with your firm's L code (and registered with the Law Society) is to a generic, non-personal email.


  1. Click the "Create a Law firm account" button below
  2. Click the "Law Firm" radio button
  3. Enter the email address. It is recommended you use a generic email address
  4. Enter the Organisation Name, the personal information of the administrator
  5. Click the terms and conditions check box
  6. Click "Create new account"
  7. CourtSA will send you an automated account verification email that expires within 24 hours. Click the hyperlink within the email you are redirected to the CourtSA Reset password page
  8. Click the "Login" button and enter your preferred password
  9. Click "Save"

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